Fire Alarm Systems



Fire alarm (FA) systems are a crucial component to keeping your property safe against potential fires. The main purpose of a FA system is to detect and warn occupants about a fire through the use of audio and visual elements such as speakers and strobe lights. United Fire Protection offers our customers FA installations and inspections. We are readily available to respond to service calls for any other FA issues.

Fire Sprinkler Systems



Fire Sprinkler systems are just as important as FA systems because they provide an instantaneous response in the case of a fire. Activated even before the fire department arrives, sprinkler systems have been proven to contain fires before becoming uncontrollable, meaning less worry about property damage. Whether you've just purchased a new commercial property or you have an existing property in need of a retrofit remodeling, UFP can accommodate you with any fire sprinkler requirements to meet city fire code.

Fire Extinguishers



A portable fire extinguisher can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or containing it until the fire department arrives. Annual testing and maintenance is a local and national requirement for all extinguishers in commercial properties. Our company will make sure that all your fire extinguishers have the proper maintenance and testing required to be in compliance with city codes.

Fire Monitoring Systems



Having a monitoring service is a crucial part of maintaining effective fire protection. In the event of an alarm signal being received, the monitoring station can notify the local fire department along with the property management staff. We provide a 24-hr emergency response system where our on-call technicians are just a phone call away.